Bipolar Wavy-Curly




Cambodian Curly Hair has a low to medium luster which allows the sheen to perfectly blend in when placed against natural hair on the head. This is one of the most popular luster levels to obtain for any hair extensions and is another reason why everyone loves Cambodian hair. It also has a coarse feel which allows it to Blend well when you are styling it.


Color: Natural color, the exact color from when the hair is cut off of the donor's head
Weight: 100-104grams (3.5-3.7oz)
Type: Raw Indian
Material: 100% human hair without mixing with anything else


Single donor? Yes.
Double weft? Yes.
Full cuticle? Yes.
Cuticle in the same direction? Yes.
Processed? Pure raw hair that has not been processed.
Can it hold the pattern well? Yes.
Can it be dyed/bleached/straightened? Yes.
Strong hair? Yes.
Coarse? A little bit, but smooth.
Shedding or tangling? No.
Lasts? Over 2 years with proper care.

Due to its origin please allow 7 business days for shipping. All hair is shipped to me first for quality inspection, to prevent a bad batch being shipped to you. Payment processing typically takes 24-48hrs

Please do not try to schedule hair appointments based on the expected arrival date of this hair. This is a custom hand made to order product and unexpected delays are possible.